Going With Bedroom Blinds Instead Of Curtains: My Experience And 4 Tips

Furnishing my bedroom with blinds was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Despite a few harmless comments about questioning my choice or genuine queries about how they are superior to curtains, I did not let those things affect me because, at the end of the day, what works for me is and will always be the best option.

Let me share my experiences with purchasing blinds for my home and some tips to help you get started or how you can solve some potential problems.


Luckily, my home exudes a modern feel and has all the furniture pieces of the same aesthetic. Consider the interior style before buying or considering blinds for your place. However, there are ways to work around it, such as finding the best option for classical interiors or modifying the pieces to suit a space that is not modern. I did not have a hard time choosing indoor and outdoor blinds in Singapore because they immediately matched my home. (Tip: Regardless of your interior style, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of having automated blinds.)


Blinds in your home offer a different experience than adorning it with curtains and fabrics to shun sunlight away. In my case, I considered the ownership experience because there is a world of contrast between choosing these robust materials and going for fabric pieces. In short, examine how your lifestyle will change, and go with the option that suits you more. (Tip: One is not superior to the other, so it all boils down to your needs and preferences as a homeowner.)


Home and office blinds in Singapore do not eliminate the challenges of changing curtains every few days to a week and the task of doing extra laundry chores. On the contrary, they have a different maintenance technique, and you should think of that before pulling the trigger and diving into things. I asked the sales personnel how to clean the blinds and the appropriate time to call a professional for periodic maintenance and repair programmes. (Tip: Ask for the retailer’s contact details to reach them easily during times of need.)


Some regular and blackout blinds in Singapore boast seamless and advanced technology, such as remote control access and automated mechanisms. If you happen to consider these offerings or plan to buy them, use them accordingly to avoid quality issues that require repairs. Also, that is what I did before signing the papers and deciding because I did not want to experience problems using them at home. (Tip: Keep the manual and other paperwork to avoid losing them. Store them inside a drawer or any secure place.)

That is how I experienced the beauty and convenience of furnishing my bedroom and entire home with blinds. If these things appeal to you, visit Ziptrak and check their website to explore their interior offerings.

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