Bosch Fridge is what makes your life easier and hassle-free

Are you planning to get home a new fridge that elevates your lifestyle at the same time?? Well, we have been watching that the new cooling devices come with advanced features that fulfill the needs of small families and also large families as well. The double-door fridges are considered nowadays as a perfect addition to the homes. Get the Bosch fridge for your cookhouse as it has plenty of innovative features such as huge storage capacity, energy efficiency and is also easily adjustable to the space.

The Bosch fridges come in compact sizes for smaller family sizes such as 24 inches, and then you can shop for the bigger sizes as well, like for 36 inches. Come over to the innovative store named Lastman’s Bad boy, which is the topmost store in Canada, to avail yourself of the supreme quality smart home appliances. You can shop for all sizes in the Bosch fridge range at our doorway. Get the best offers and deals from our shop when you will do online shopping with us.

The high-end refrigeration technology could be availed at a reasonable price point using the Bosch fridge range. Here is the rundown of benefits the latest Bosch fridge offers to people:

Your food stays fresh for a longer time

It is essential to have control the fridge’s temperature system so as to prevent the food from wastage. The temperature fluctuations are the enemy of fresh food; the more it fluctuates, the more bacteria grow inside it. Bosch has innovated with the latest food preservation system, which is Hydro fresh humidity controller drawer. It keeps your food or other eatables fresh for a long. The Automatic defrost also helps reduce the frost build-up in the fridge.

Built-in Wi-Fi

The modest technology embedded Bosch fridge has a built-in Wi-Fi that helps you control the refrigerator from the convenience of your phone. With this feature, you can see what is inside the fillings of your fridge. Not only this, but you also get a chance to detect the issues that sometimes arise in the fridges, so your repair costs are at bay. You receive alerts when there are any issues or filters essential to be noticed or repaired.

Super Cool and Super freeze

Whenever you want to cool the large amounts of food or want to chill the drinks before a house party, you can press the super cool button, and it will set the temperature temporarily to 34 degrees F, which returns to normal after 2 hours. Meanwhile, you can also switch to the super-freeze button for quickly freezing the food or for returning the food to its optimum frozen level when you bring them from the store.

Great storage options

The interior of the Bosch fridge is exquisite as it has brilliant LED lights and premium shelves for holding eggs and also wine bottles. So, if you are organizing a party at home, this fridge is your go-to option. You will notice the overall premium fit and finish of a Bosch fridge when you will walk into our showroom famous in Canada named Lastman’s Bad boy. The Bosch fridges have two freezer shelves to store frozen items such as meat, pastries, and more.

Get the amazing range from our top-notch store in Canada at the best prices as the sales are always going on at our doorway. Buy online from the convenience of your home, our sale staff is live 24 hours, you can get all your queries answered at the earliest possible time.

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