Know What Are the Number of Solar Panels Do You Need

These days more and more homeowners all over the country are considering installing solar panels in their homes. However, everyone has one question about how many solar panels are required to qualify for financial benefits.

The matter is not as simple as that, because there can be a few important factors that will be considered. Let us discuss that in this post before contacting any solar companies Ohio. You can find many solar companies who can do solar installation fort myers fl in the directory of SolarForYourHouse.

Number of solar panels needed

1. Your electricity usage

Every home uses various electrical appliances in American homes. The average consumption, therefore, works out to be 10,715-kilowatts. We will consider this figure as average electricity usage.

2. Solar panel wattage

The wattage of most solar panels will fall within 250 to 400W of power. Let us say we consider 340W here as an average. The majority of solar panels available on the market are 340 W.

3. Production ratio

In the US, the production ratios will usually fall between the value 1.3 and 1.6. So here in the calculation, we will use both these 2 numbers as our high and low estimated production ratio to be used for our calculation.


There are 3 main assumptions as mentioned above – energy use, the wattage of solar panels, and production ratio. Now by using the following formula, you can find out the number of panels

The number of panels will be = system size/production ratio/panel wattage

Let us say the average consumption in any American family is 10,715 kW so the system size here will be 10,715. So, by considering a production ratio of either 1.3 or 1.6, the panel numbers will be:

Panel number will be now = 10,715 kW/1.3 or 1.6/340 W

So, we will get the number of panels between 20 and 24.

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