How to Choose the Best Sandwicher for You

To select the best sandwicher (melhor sanduicheira) model, it is necessary to analyze the equipment characteristics at the time of choice and see which one best suits your daily routine. To begin with, identify what types of dishes you want to prepare with the help of the sandwich maker.

Simple equipment options are available on the market, allowing only the preparation of sandwiches, even more robust products that make it possible to prepare meat and specific practices, such as waffles.

To help you further choose the right product, select some specific points that deserve to be highlighted. Then, be sure to read until the end!

Sandwich maker and electric grill

Both the grill and the sandwich maker will help you make different preparations. However, each of these equipment has its specialties. Able to make your life easier in the kitchen, the grill reaches higher temperatures and usually has a thermostat.

Thus, this equipment allows you to grill meat and other foods at an ideal temperature without using any fat type. On the other hand, classic and cheaper sandwiches do not reach such high temperatures, is more recommended for heating food and melting ingredients such as cheese, for example.

Because they are small, light, and easy to use, sandwich makers can also be an exciting model to maintain and use at work. The model that will best suit your needs will depend on what your usage goals are.

Sheet with non-stick coating

Models with non-stick plates prevent food from sticking and are therefore easier to clean.

Grease collector

The fat collectors help to suck up the excess fat that is eliminated by the food when grilled. This functionality is good for the health of the user and facilitates the cleaning of the equipment.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment is an exciting function for those who like to use the grill function. With the height adjustment, you will prepare your dishes without necessarily having to crush the food.

The opening width of the plates

Someone’s models allow 180 degrees opening of the plates, making it possible to prepare more food simultaneously since it is possible to use both grids at once.

Removable plates are easier to clean

If the ease of cleaning time is a priority for you, products with removable plates are indispensable. The possibility of removing the leaves makes cleaning much more practical and efficient.

In addition, it prevents the accumulation of food on the surface of the equipment, which, in addition to being unhygienic, in the long run, will end up reducing the life of your sandwich maker.

And do not stop there. Some models offer more than one type of plate, which will make you have several products in one model, prepare grills and waffles in the same device, for example.

Temperature and maximum temperature adjustment

Especially for those who want to prepare foods that require precise temperature control throughout the preparation, it is essential to check if the equipment allows the temperature to be adjusted and the maximum temperature that the model can perform.

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