How To Choose The Best Blender For Your Kitchen

To choose the best blender (melhor liquidificador), you must pay attention to some specifications. Below, we’ll show you the main points that you should keep an eye on in a blender.

  • Choose a blender with good power

To make a good mix, without wasting a lot of energy, it is important to choose a blender with good power. In general, the powers of the blenders offered in the market are from 300w to 1500w, on average.

If you want a blender to mix less resistant drinks and food, models from 300w to 1000w will be enough for you. Now, if you want to mix with heavier foods and ice, we recommend a model with a power of more than 1000w. In addition, it is important to have

  • Pitcher capacity in liters

The blender’s capacity relates to the amount of drinks you can serve, but not only that, capacity is also important so you can save time by not having to cut the same ingredient so many times.

On the market, there are blenders with different capacities: 600ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, and up to 4 liters. The greater the capacity of the blender jar, the greater the people you can serve, as well as the ingredients you can mix, but also the price, and power.

  • Material of resistant jar: glass, resistant plastic or Tritan

When it comes to blender jar material, there are two main materials, glass and Tristan. Both materials are resistant, transparent and will offer great support for your blender.

The biggest difference is that Tristan is a plastic material, which is less likely to break on impact, while normal glass is more likely to break on impact. So, it is to be expected that Tristan is a little more expensive material, although better.

In addition to these, there are a few other types of cup materials that are resistant, but are more unusual.

  • Quiet and noiseless blender

The blender is usually a household appliance that makes a lot of noise, of course. If you can invest an extra amount, you can choose a quieter model. With this, you will have a better experience when making your drinks and mixes.

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