Why To Hire A Long Island Land Surveyor?

If you are selling a house, you may be required to produce an up-to-date study of the property to provide the buyer with confidence in the acquisition. You also need to avoid future legal problems resulting from an insufficient or inaccurate property report.

Obtaining a survey could be the most crucial step before making a purchase. Only a survey map drawn by a professional Long Island land surveyor can accurately show the property you’re buying.

Your surveyor will determine whether others have rights to utilize your land through utility easements or rights-of-way; everything is located in this area; potential encroachments that could lead to a dispute; whether or not the legal description of the property is accurate.

It is critical that you understand the limits of your property before purchasing it. A study clarifies your purchase by identifying encroachments or other abnormalities that could result in future legal problems.

You should hire a qualified land surveyor to determine your property borders before you start building. The surveyor can collaborate with you, the contractor, and the municipality to verify that your upgrades are installed in the proper position, avoiding problems caused by incorrectly placed improvements.

A qualified land surveyor will examine record titles, planning restrictions, easements, and other land planning issues, as well as survey the site if you’re subdividing.

If you’re refinancing or buying something, a lender will almost always want a current survey before approving your loan. It’s necessary since the lender might need it to protect their investment.

If you live or work in a high-risk location, your insurance agent will almost certainly require an Elevation Certificate to calculate your flood insurance premium.

Survey fees are established on a case-by-case basis. It relies on the survey’s objective, the amount of research, and the time required to perform all tasks.

Boundary surveys are generally only allowed to be prepared by professionals. They’ve completed rigorous education and training standards mandated by law in order to protect consumers’ interests. Regarding legal actions, a licensed land surveyor can testify as an expert witness in court.

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