Skilled Exterminators Eliminate Bed Bug Infestation and Re-Infestation

Bed bugs generally get carried to your home after you have traveled or while staying in a hotel at some place or other. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirty places but prefer warm places with more clutter and carbon dioxide. Hence, once they accept your home as the future place, they rapidly multiply, and you find your home fully infested with them. They can die of natural causes like an intense heat wave or lack of food. It is also a myth that bed bugs go away completely by using a single extermination treatment. They are always likely to return when you return carrying them on your clothes, bags, or shoes. Hence, exterminating bed bugs requires annual or periodical treatment to free your home of these blood-sucking pests. 

Finding dead bed bugs in your home may or may not result from good extermination treatment. Therefore, contact a professional Bed Bugs Pest Control and get a free inspection done as soon as possible. They can give you the best solution so that you can eliminate bed bugs from your house for longer periods. 

Characteristics of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often found on beds and mattresses, so you should identify them immediately. Sometimes, you may find one or two dead bugs. However, this doesn’t mean that the rest of them are dead. These bugs may have been quashed accidentally, or perhaps due to intense heat, they have died. If you find dark spots on your mattresses, they may not be dead bugs but their waste. In such cases, you may need to change your bed or mattresses as it is not good to sleep on their waste. 

You may find dead bugs if they lie still on their back. You may also have to find out whether it is a dead bug. For this reason, a professional exterminator like Pest Control Arlington can identify the magnitude of infestation and get rid of them suitably so that they don’t re-infest for a year or more. Skilled exterminators know all the biology of bed bugs.

If you find no living bed bugs, it doesn’t mean your home is safe, as they lay eggs anywhere and later hatch and spread all around. 

Preventing Re-infestation

If you take a few careful steps, you will find your home relatively safe from bed bugs. Firstly, you must keep your clothes and beds dry and clean. Bed bugs get quickly attracted to areas where it is moist. You must regularly clean your home and shouldn’t let tiny pieces of food lie anywhere. Further, keep your chairs and sofas cleaned, as your favorite visitors may bring in bed bugs from outside. 

It would help if you vacuumed and cleaned your home often, as this is a good way to prevent re-infestation. Your vacuum cleaner can suck out the eggs of the bed bugs as you may not see them with your naked eyes easily. If you use a DIY treatment, chances are high that you may fail to spot hidden eggs of bed bugs. 

Therefore, it is better to contact a professional Pest Control exterminating service than at least annually to live stress-free. 

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