Why Do You Need To Hire A Pest Control Company For Fall?

Pests are found in every season and fall is no different. As long as you are prepared for the season and know what to do then you need not worry. Though a store-bought bug spray is an easy way to prevent pests, it doesn’t seem to be completely practicable.

A creepy crawly pest in your house requires a lot more than just those normal sprays. You would require a professional pest company that can help you get rid of these pests. If you are looking for a local pest control companies around you then you got the Ed Lavery & Sons Pest Control LLC. They are a family owned and operated CT Exterminator business that has been managing for the past three generations.

Types of Pests Found During Fall Season –

  • Stinging Pests like Bees, Wasps, Hornets, etc. are the ones buzzing during the fall season. This is the time they work together in collecting nutrients from a variety of sources.
  • Cockroaches as they like the warm nice area to lay their eggs
  • Beetles, sting bugs, and ladybugs crawl into the gaps through windows, under sliding, etc.
  • Mice that squeeze through the tiny spaces
  • Spiders that are looking for safe spaces from cold weather.

Reasons to get rid of them –

  • They cause severe allergic reactions that carry dangerous diseases and bacteria that can make you sick.
  • When it comes to bee stings, they can hurt you and sometimes be life-threatening
  • Ticks can carry Lyme disease that causes extreme illness

Pest controllers take a lot of time to spot the kind of pest you have at your house and then use the right chemicals, formulas, and baits to kill the pests and remove them from your house.

Pest control does have products that have chemicals, but these chemicals need to be handled carefully as they can be hazardous.

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