Trenchless Pipe Line Repair: What to Expect

Having a property is good only when you keep the property in proper shape and situation. Both commercial and residential properties tend to ask for attention in a bad way when it is not given to them naturally. Though the sewer line carries the trash outside, it is not right to treat them like trash. If the sewer line is not properly cared for, a sudden emergency might come up which might require both time and money to get fixed.

Sewer line cleaning is an age-old process and it has been a part of our very process of property maintenance. Occasional cleaning and checking done by professionals can help to avoid major issues which can not only burn a hole in your pocket but can also manage to damage your property. It is especially necessary for commercial properties where safety rules and regulations are really necessary.

Our usual sewer cleaning processes include digging up a trench to reveal the sewer lines and then working on it. It is a time-consuming process as digging up before the whole process and sealing it up afterward require time. Along with that, the whole process manages to ruin a perfectly made yard within hours. The property owner would have to invest in fixing the yard after repairing and maintaining the sewer. As this old process no longer agrees with our modern and fast lifestyle, we needed a faster and less messy option. Trenchless sewer line replacement is the option that we needed. The process does not require a whole trench to be dug up in your yard.

Less invasive and minimal damage to the yard

The process includes only two holes in the ground which help the plumber to reach the sewer pipes underground. Instead of a whole trench, just two holes accomplish the same job efficiently. The plumber uses specialized machinery through these holes to install the liner. Once the liner is in place, the plumber performs all the checks and repairs. Once it is done, the liner comes out through the same holes leaving the rest of the yard in proper shape. It takes much less effort and money to fix two holes after a successful sewer pipe maintenance procedure.

Save some money and effort

It is not just your yard that needs to be dug up for a trench to maintain the sewer pipe. It also includes other parts of the property like tiles, walls, and bathrooms. Digging this whole area and covering and fixing these up will cost a significant amount. As the trenchless process won’t include any of this digging, there won’t be much to fix afterward. The owner can save on repairing and fixing these parts with a trenchless cleaning process.

A time-saving procedure

The liner helps to detect and fix the issues with the sewer line much quicker it just takes two little holes. Digging the trench to reveal the whole pipe system would take some time which would be saved in the trenchless method. The whole process also includes fixing the dug-up area afterwards. While the trenchless process would take three days, the traditional process might take weeks for the same thing.

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