Great Ideas For Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom remodeling Toronto can give a room a completely new look and feel. It can also improve your skincare routine and give you extra space to use the shower or bath. The kitchen is usually the first room to get renovated, but there are plenty of great ideas for the rest of the home as well according to Home Renovations Toronto. Here are some ways to upgrade your bathroom: Install a skylight, install a window, or even add storage. Whatever you choose, make sure to consider the proportions of your bathroom to make sure you plan accordingly.

If you do not like baths, you may want to consider installing a shower stall. This can be easier to get into, and it will save you valuable space. Another great idea for small bathrooms is a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink looks more elegant and classic and can be more functional than a large vessel. Creating an organized storage area is also a good idea for your bathroom renovation. Built-in nooks in the shower space can provide extra space for toiletries.

Adding extra storage is one of the best ways to maximize space in a small bathroom. Additional shelves can help you keep your bathroom clutter-free. It is also possible to add a cabinet over the toilet, which can be a great DIY project. Tall vertical shelves, which stretch from floor to ceiling, will help you make the most of the available space. To maximize the space, you can add wicker or tin baskets on the wall. These baskets can hold rolled towels, hair products, and hairbrushes.

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