Interior Design Techniques for Condos in Singapore

Deciding whether to buy another type of apartment or a condominium remains one of the toughest decisions for intending homeowners in the bustling city of Singapore. Personal preference, finance, location, and size often influence the selection phases. Statista studies reveal that more than 350,000 condos and private properties were available in Singapore in 2023, and 17% of Singaporeans stayed in condominiums.

Regardless of the choice of apartment, decoration and space management are essential. Since condos are not regulated by the Housing Development Board, owners can explore diverse interior design techniques and be creative in making their homes as beautiful and conducive as possible.

Knowing where to start or the kind of techniques to use becomes tricky at times. But in this article, we are ready to go along with you, and you can also explore some Swiss Interior condo interior design techniques for Singaporeans.

Top Singapore Condo Interior Designs

As many Singaporeans now live in condos, the designs are essential in maximizing the limited space in Condominiums. Swiss Interior, a top Interior design company in Singapore, listed some beautiful designs you should try if you own a Condo in Singapore.


Clean lines with sleek forms and functionality highlight Contemporary condo interior design. It features bold and natural colors, beautiful decorations, metal, glass, and a simple look that brings out its contemporary style. You can also find innovative designs and smart home technology in this interior design technique. The minimal but functioning furniture, innovative lighting, and open layout make it appealing to most Singapore home winners.


With a minimalist condo interior design for small condos, homeowners can have more open space free from clutters. Known for its functionality and simplicity, this style uses sleek furniture, simple color designs, and decoration. The calm and tranquil vibes that come with minimalism made it one of the most common techniques in the country.


For Singaporeans who love clean lines and sleek forms with some touch of minimalism, the Modern Condo interior design is ideal. It features smooth surfaces, neutral colors, and sleek, functional types of furniture, which give a sophisticated and polished look. Like the name, the furniture here has modern, stylish shapes and looks, making the design timeless.


Another interior design you can try if you want cozy and warm aesthetics, and it is widely spread around The Lion City. This style aims to have an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, making natural materials, light colors, and functioning furniture important. Singaporeans can also add grays, whites, blues, and cozy textiles to increase the charm of the condo.


Transitional condo interior designs combine contemporary and traditional styles with classical elements and modern touches. Classic furniture, elegant decor, and neutral bring out this design’s sophisticated and timeless look. A sleek coffee table, classic sofa, and other modern and traditional design materials amplified this transitional condo style.


As the name implies, this technique features edgy and unique vibes since it is inspired by Singaporeans’ desires to convert old warehouses/factories into residential homes. Singaporeans will find rough textures, bold, raw looks with exposed bricks, and open ceiling structures. Modern furniture and a Neutral Colour Palette with Warm Tones make this appealing.

How Do I Incorporate Condo Interior Design Ideas?

Incorporating any of your desired Condo designs might be challenging for some Singaporeans, but the following techniques listed by Swiss Interior make the process easier.

Furniture Selection and Arrangement

It is essential to choose the right types of furniture and arrange them in an appealing and functioning pattern. Homeowners should acquire multifunctional and complementing furniture that suits the design theme. The arrangement should also take the flow of space, creating space for dining, seating, and workspace, if necessary.

Choose a Suitable Style

Whether luxury or not, we all have dreamt of what we want our home to look like. It is ideal to center the interior design towards achieving the dream. You may choose the minimalist interior design for a small condo, a luxury design if you have larger space and funds, or any other style that comes closest to your dream condo design. If you find the process challenging to start with, consider hiring an expert in the field.

Color and Decor

Choosing the right color is essential to incorporate your condo interior design, and your decoration should complement it. Your choices should improve the looks of your home and express your personality. Choose lighter colors to make your space bigger and darker colors for warmth. Arts, mirrors, and wallpaper are welcome additions.

Lighting and Ambiance

The importance of lighting and ambiance cannot be over-emphasized. Users should opt for natural and artificial light sources to ensure maximum lighting. Creating layers of light helps you create different moods in your crib. Windows can be used to get natural light, and curtains can help control it.

Storage Solutions

Effective storage solutions must be ensured for condos since they often have limited space. Vertical shelves and wall-mounted cabinets can create more space. Multifunctional furniture can also create space for storage, helping maximize space and make it clutter-free.

Flooring and Rug Choices

Getting the flooring and rug choices right is vital. They must be durable and easy to clean, and they must complement your theme. The warmth, visual interest, and texture that come with adding rugs to your home make your condo interior design appealing. The patterns and colors should complement your decoration and room painting.

Tips for Successful Condo Interior Design

Some condo interior design may be challenging, but the process can be seamless with the right tips. The following are some tips you should try.

  • Optimize the space
  • Use multifunctional furniture
  • Be smart with storage solutions
  • Choose a cohesive color palette
  • Incorporate some greenery
  • Use proper lighting strategies
  • Infuse your personality in the designs


There are a myriad of condo interior design ideas in Singapore, which come in different styles that fit all personalities. Finance, locations, size, and functionality are important in condos’ choices and interior designs. We’ve discussed various designs and tips to make the process seamless. The exciting part of these condo interior designs is that you can mix different techniques to create what matches yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy Condos in Singapore?

Anyone can buy private condos in Singapore regardless of their citizenship. However, proof that they are capable financially must be provided.

What are the different types of condos available in Singapore?

Condos in Singapore come in three types: massive market, mid-market, and high-end condos, with the last being the most expensive. The location and features also affect the price.

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